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Sprouted in 2013, the grassroots label continues to evolve and further entangle itself deeply within the underground scene of progressive, psychedelic trance.

Unearthing swampy soundscapes, deep atmospheres and driving bass lines for both day and night time dance floors.

Universal Tribe Records aims to bring people together in an environment where we can learn from ourselves, others and further our understanding of the natural world by connecting through art & sound. With a strong intention of putting environmental issues at the for front to create change in a positive way. We hope to encourage our global community to continue doing more for such an important cause. 

Collectively we've raised over $50,000 to multiple animal & environmental organisations that work to create a better world. 

Incredibly grateful to the many artists and organising crews which have volunteered and made it possible to donate every dollar from these fundraisers to the cause. 

More to come....

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