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Antiquities 2020

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Resurfacing the best from the depths of the archives!


Another Antiquities has surfaced in time to see the year out and share with our supporters a collection from the depths of Universal Tribe's archives.

This years compilation features a range of top picks from the whole catalog, resurfacing some of the best from back in the day that helped form the labels sound and establish our roots to this point in time.

With input from the artists & labels community we've compiled a 10 track compilation that lands as a free download which will be exclusive to Bandcamp. As our way of saying thank you to the growing support out there and long time supporters, we're glad to share this journey with you all.

Lets send 2020 to the history books by going out with a bang!


1. Spiritual Silence - Siberian Spirit

2. Sumiruna - Sachamama

3. Digital Swamp - Molecular Structures

4. Mr Licka - Limitless

5. Eartheogen - Tweaking Tiki(Nocturnal Remix)

6. Tekdiffeye - Dream State

7. Doonz - Connect

8. Jekyll - Xspek Flexture

9 Tribal Species - Encoding

10. Amadán - Bush Witch Thanks to Ecoteric for turning this preview mix around so quickly!

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