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Born Instinct 2

Updated: 6 days ago


Much of society believes that in order to be civilised we have to repress our instincts. That may be true in most cases but now we seek a kind that aren't this way inclined and through their instinctual path of events birth a new era of creative sounds. Breaking all your beliefs and bending the laws of physics for the new world ahead.

Spawned from the darkness of Universal Tribes well known compilation 'Primal Drive', this second chapter of the Born Instinct series begins to take shape, defining the compilations concept and labels sounds further by surfacing the best of bush prog and birthing newly emerging talent.

With a number of new compilation series being introduced through the label, we're further developing each ones place in the ever evolving sound of Universal Tribe Records. Defining concepts and navigating stories in a direction that communicates a clear definition between each of the series to reflect the meaning and intentions that first birthed our own creation.

Our understanding of this compilations sound has further developed and we look forward to sharing that with you all as it evolves in chapters to come. Expect to hear more from a number of unheard talents, developing behind the scenes within our community space. Join the evolution of this newly birthed series and watch as it grows over a lifetime, developing character and bringing forth a new wave of intelligence.

Tekdiffeye - 'Mind Oasis' track premier with SixthSense Australia!

Featuring from our latest VA compilation, 'Mind Oasis' holds the dark prog throne. Upholding the acute sonic values of the Born Instinct sound, TekdiffEye injects pure ecstasy into our souls, teasing the mind with eerie, dramatic atmospheres before catapulting us into the nucleus of his 'Mind Oasis'. The experimental sound design, supernatural auras and tight low end threw the lot of us in a paroxysm of dance.

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