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Ecoteric - Zenesis

Updated: Apr 1

A South African storm of deep thoughts & emotions.


South African born musician Julian Venter is the mind behind Ecoteric: A unique composition of deep and progressive electronica with a balanced touch of the unorthodox.

Being raised in a musically-driven family, Julian was introduced to music quite early on and developed a love for all things electronic, ultimately feeding into his creativity.

Devoted to his art and a believer in perfectionism in every note. Julian aims to find ways to dig into music that speaks to his ideals and thoughts. Like an audio storybook of his life story.

After his smashing track release 'Calamity' on our VA compilations 'Born Instinct' & his incredible remix of Eartheogen's 'Steak For Fossegrim' track which also featured on the VA remix comp we're now pleased to be sharing his latest works after he's been hard at work in the studio.

Making contact with salutations from the Southern lands of Africa to bring forth his debut EP, Ecoteric 'Zenesis'. The origin of testing the present by becoming one with deepness and emotion through progressive themes, thoughts and feelings, all thrown together by storm.

Tracklist: 01. Ecoteric - Axile 02. Ecoteric x Battlefloor - Elysee 03. Ecoteric - Zenesis 04. Ecoteric x Hybrid - Metro

Artwork: Universal Tribe Records Mastering: Prehistoric Studio Engineering

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