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Fresh Merchandise has Landed!

Updated: Feb 20

Our restock order has arrived, stocking our most popular designs and sizes.


All great things take time and now that time has arrived for us to introduce a number of new prints through a range of series which are unique to Universal Tribe Records. All of our merchandise is printed on ascolour garments which are ethically produced and of high quality. We take great pride in working closely with our designers and printing team to ensure that each is of the highest quality and the designs are on point. Expect something different yet again in 2021. Check out all the design below and simply click on the image or link above to head to our Bandcamp and order yours. Thanks for your support.

Many of you have asked and knowing it's a crowd favorite we're pleased to be sitting on a limited but fresh restock of these sleek prints after being too long since the Primal Range has been available.

As a bonus we've included one of our best compilations 'Primal Drive 4' along with the purchase of either the Primal or Revamp Hoodies.

If you would like to be included in those who any new designs and orders are first made available you could consider becoming an 'Activated Member' via our Bandcamp page. Other exclusive offers and limited edition merchandise is being planned for those who choose to support us in this way but it also includes each release as soon as they land, a 10% discount on all of our merch and more.

Also stocked are both the Revamp hoodie and T which bring the full color logo to life. It's one that wont be missed and stands out in both the day, coming to life with any night time lights.

Our personal favorite which now incorporates a fade out effect within the logo print that's exceeded our expectations in quality. We've listened to the requests and are now pleased to introduce an Earthy green range as part of our Hybrid series.

The first to surface as part of our newly launched Instinct range. Black on black is subtle but effective when done right.

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