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Inverted World - Bush Ritual

Updated: Mar 24

Brace yourself for a bush ritual unlike any other.


After working with this talented producer we were impressed after the tracks he crafted stood out from other creations & aligned so well with the sound of UTR.

Inverted World is the project of PsyTrance / Bush Prog by Lucas Magalhães DJ / Producer based in Passos / MG - Brazil.

Lucas has always been influenced by psychedelic music. Since childhood, bands like Pink Floyd, The doors and Led Zeppellin have always been part of his days. In 2017 he discovered the world of electronic music production and found himself in love with what he could do with it, that's when Inverted World appeared. Seeking influences in several musical styles, from the genres Blues, Rock, Trance, Techno, to the shamanic tribes and the Amazon jungle that together helped to forge the sound he's been working towards. Combining deep atmospheres, engaging melodies, well-crafted basslines and striking sound design that communicated to the listener as a reflection from within his inner self.

Inverted World presents his latest EP 'Bush Ritual'. Bringing strong shamanic influences, loaded with elements of nature, forest sounds, tightly crafted bass-lines and melodies that seem to have come out of orchestras, in addition to a striking sound design. A 3 track Story with an innovative Bush Prog style that sets it apart from the rest.

Tracklist: 01. Inverted World - Shaman Sorcerer 02. Inverted World - Summoners 03. Inverted World - Pachamama

Art: UTR Mastering: Prehistoric Studios

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