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Mr Licka - The Seshlehem Chronicles

Updated: Feb 21

Let Mr Licka be your guide and take you on a trip to Seshlehem.


Mr Licka returns...

After a breakout year in 2020 with the debut album ‘A Place Beyond The Sensesʼ and a string of live performances including Elements Festival, Brisbaneʼs Mr Licka is preparing a tasty follow up for 2021.

Teaming up once again with Universal Tribe Records, Mr Licka will unleash his follow up EP ‘The Seshlehem Chroniclesʼ in February of this year.

A more earthy journey into the bush prog arena, focusing on organic sounds, soaring vocals and as always, a healthy lashing of mind bending psychedelic components designed to take the listener on a magic carpet ride to the fabled city of Seshlehem.

Willing participants should expect driving bass lines, ethereal melodies and lashings of “sesh” enhancing sound design. If one finds themselves bereft of “sesh” symptoms, please administer appropriate enhancements and try again. Do NOT consult your local GP about this.

Please procure adequate components via a qualified “sesh” consultant.

2021 is already shaping up to be a great year for live performances (post covid restrictions) as well, with appearances at the Universal Tribe, Earth Frequency Festival showcase, Exodus and Rootbound Festival already locked in.

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