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Slytrance - Reloaded

Updated: Jan 9


After much discussion around the Universal Tribe campfire, we've finally sourced the components from a selection of Slytrance's biggest productions and rallied together a few of the label’s top psychedelic sound-smiths to reforge them into new creations, reloading them ready for the dance floors that await our return!

Slytrance is known for his digital mysticism, each individual sound delicately and purposefully crafted and we're now ready to announce the forthcoming creation featuring four newly remixed tracks. A digital ritual that raises the best of bush prog and transcends the listener from a deep state of mind into a the higher end of the progressive spectrum.


01. Slytrance - Simulacrum - Ritual Rmx

02. Slytrance - Ancestors - Eartheogen

03. Slytrance & Onionbrain - Overthought - Digital Swamp Rmx

04. Slytrance - Optophobia - Tekdiffeye Rmx

Artwork: Universal Tribe Records Mastered: Ryanosaurus Video: Gorilla Move

Thanks to our friends from Sixthsense Australia who premiered the remix by Eartheoegen. Bringing his smooth funky earthy psychedelia into an ultra lush reloaded track of his own.

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