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The rise of a new chapter..

Updated: Feb 19

The untold story of Universal Tribe has begun...


Countless lifetimes worth of lost knowledge has come to surface that begins to tell the untold story of Universal Tribe through another exciting chapter of sound. As we broaden our spectrum once again to include what has been the missing part to our identity. Our latest VA compilation, 'The Elders' aims to take the listener on an ancient journey through ambient soundscapes filled with tribal drum rhythms, war horns & clashing sounds that transcends minds into unknown realms. With the introduction to this key sound, we've embarked on a curious journey to further define the series and connect with other producers fitting to this concept. Our aim is to channel more sounds of the lower end of the spectrum to a number of new listeners but also connect our current community to these insightful sounds. By bringing this sound to the stages of specific events and festivals we'll continue telling the story for a million lifetimes to come. Finding hidden knowledge!


01. Afterlight - Atmosphrog

02. Psychoacoustic Vision - City Of The Ancients

03. Riverwind - Ronin 04. Keeper of the Grove - Hvittrask

05. Sacred Alchemy - El Infinito

06. Paleowolf - Fist of the Firstborn

07. Keeper of the Grove - Spark

* Preview mix does not reflect the compilations track order.

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