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Welcome Kali Yuga

We're thrilled to announce the latest artist to have joined the Universal Tribe family. Our first representing DJ from Brazil, Kali Yuga.

Mixing since 2005, Dani was one of the first female representatives of psychedelic trance in southern Brazil. Nowadays her project gains further attention after being entirely dedicated to progressive trance. Raising the flag of Bush Prog and Deep Progressive in the Brazilian lands, where these sounds are still to be explored, until now!

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This curious mind is constantly seeking unusual sounds that evoke ancestors and connections, through the strong influence of organic music and percussive elements.

Kali Yuga dives deep into the label's discography, immersing herself within different eras and a range of producers to create a stunning 21 track journey. Taking the listener from sunny days through to dense and swampy night, highlighting all the rich sound versatility of the Aussie label.

Dani's strong sense of passion is nothing less than inspiring and we're excited to work closer on sharing the sounds of Universal Tribe on her creative journey as an artist.


1- Eartheogen - Tweaking Tiki [Fossils RMX]

2- Scionaugh - Constantly curious

3 - Lumen - Lamprey

4- Mr. Licka - Folding Space

5 - Kuni - Blackwater

6 - Mr. Licka - Audio Monkey

7 - Redshift - Themes

8 - Mr. Licka - Dating the Creator

9- Eartheogen - Down the Well [Hollowglyph RMX]

10- Mr. Licka - BlimShark

11- Spiradical - I Dream of Ambiguity

12 - Hollowglyph - Sacred Places

13 - Hollowglyph - Neurotransmission

14 - Scionaugh - Enticing Darkness

15 - Digital Swamp - Cognitive Dissonance

16 - Moses - Ice Crystals [Grouch Remix]

17 - Digital Swamp - Time Machine

18 - Tekdiffeye - Inward Spiral

19 - Scionaugh - Memorically

20 - Jekyll & One Tasty Morsel - Rad Slot

21 - Slytrance - Optophobia (Tekdiffeye RMX)

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