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Welcome KOAH

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Another project surfaces from Australia, teaming up with Universal Tribe.

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Introducing the latest emerging project to join the family, KOAH now brings a fusion of organic, dark & tribal bush prog that's primarily suited in lush surroundings of nature. As one of our newest representing DJs of Australia, we're extremely pleased to be teaming up with such an incredibly talented artist who's been long known under her alias project 'Nikki Sig'. For those who know Nikki will know that any performances are packed with serious intention and with our growing discography now at her fingertips any performance under this exciting new project will without a doubt raise dust on the dance floor!

Performing since 2001, Nikki is no stranger to mixing or being on stage. Playing at a number of international, interstate and local festivals here in Oz such as Rainbow Serpent, Dragon Dreaming, Earth Frequency, Where the Wild Things are and more there's really not all that much else needing to be said other than let the music speak for itself!

Her first set has been carefully crafted, Soul Warriors brings a combination from our own releases alongside a selection of favorites that gives the listener a clear understanding to what you can expect.


01. Christian Dimarco – Drone Of The Jaguar

2. KUNI – Sushi Skywalker

3. Adama – Bells Of Wisdom

4. Evil Oil Man - Warp ( Breger rmx)

5. Adama – DNA

6. Spoonhead – Tribal Dust

7. Eartheogen – Unbuti

8. Adama – The Shadows Within

9. KUNI – Blackwater

10. Kliment – Breath

11. Raimondi Stela – Triphonic

12. Digital Swamp – And Another

13. Sensient – Roll Call

14. Ambler – Crab Apple

15. Tekkdiffeye – Beyond Language

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