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Another exciting new project from Israel launches with Universal Tribe Records.

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Exploring and traveling the world for nearly 10 years, Ronny Gaia has been collecting her sounds throughout her adventures, finding endless inspiration within the bush prog and dark prog atmospheres for many years now.

Playing in multiple events, creating hypnotic deep journeys, with a sense of connection to earth and space.

Her muse is mainly dancing between dark atmospheres, ancient-tribal elements, psychedelic, organic & mystical-space vibes.

Also known for her other well established project named ‘GAÏA’ which focuses across many genres such as psybass, downtempo, global beats, folktronica, psybient and more - at events such as alternative parties & festivals, sacred ceremonies, ecstatic dance etc.

She loves exploring the art of mixing different elements and genres to create her own unique shade.

Inspired by many different genres, Ronny is curating unique and lively journeys through her sets, always leaving you curiously seeking more. Her latest venture has seen the creation of a new project which aims to delve deeper into the bush prog & deep progressive realms of the psychedelic world. Now teaming up with Universal Tribe Records Ronny has accessed the collection to one of Australia's home labels of such genres and plans to bring these exciting new sounds to her home land of Israel and where ever else her adventurous mind might take them.

~ Music is the life force that gives our existence colors, textures and vibrant expressions to all that is ~

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