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Welcome Semilocybe

Another inspiring artist representing the sounds of UTR in Germany.

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We're pleased to have teamed up with Tim who's now our latest representing DJ in Germany.

After hearing his tunes we believe he has the ear for not only performing UTR sets but also crafting tracks in future for certain releases of ours.

Originally from Germany, Semilocybe discovered his passion for deep psychedelic trance and downtempo while spending two years in Australia.

In the short time that was spent in Australia Tim studied the scene and discovered his own unique sound. He was inspired and impressed by the sounds that he heard and now embarks on his own sound journey...

Recently Tim has been confirmed as a resident DJ for the events hosted by a crew named Pangea Proxima in Germany. With an album in the works and plans to return to Australia for further inspiration from the sound that first caught the attention of his well tuned ear. His goals are set and Semilocybe is another up and coming name that your sure to follow. At the end of 2020 the project has now been signed by Universal Tribe Records as a representative DJ and he's now constructed his first featuring set to include a range of tracks from our catalog as well as some selections from other incredible artists of Zenon.


Pspiralife & Klipsun - Musical [Zenon Records]

Fungophago - Waters of Lethe [Zenon Records]

Modlion - Ecstatic Life [Universal Tribe Records]

Nangijala - A Fish in a Bowl [Zenon Records]

Kuni - Blackwater [Universal Tribe Records]

Doonz - Kimyo [Universal Tribe Records]

ETN - The Summoning [Zenon Records]

Pspiralife & Klipsun - Musical [Zenon Records]

Ambler & Wight - Bullshark (Medjula Remix) [UTR]

Digital Swamp - Dimensional Displacement [Universal Tribe Records]

Reflection - The Mathematical Code [Universal Tribe Records]

Hollowglyph - Are We Dreaming [Universal Tribe Records]

Tekdiffeye - Mind Oasis [Universal Tribe Records]

Medjula - Theory of Mind [Universal Tribe Records]

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