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Welcome Sharmonic

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

We're pleased to have teamed up with another rising Australian artist. Sharmonic has been on our radar for sometime and has recently joined the family as another representing DJ. Not only that but we'll be working on some other exciting projects in times to come so stay tuned.

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Representing Universal Tribe Records in the Northern Rivers Region, Jacob Hogg (the man behind the Sharmonic Project) is inspired by Deep Dark Progressive Music and is the founder of Konscious

Kollective, an event organisation known for pushing progressive underground sounds.

Sharmonic is infamous for bouncing bass driven ominous sounds off conscious minds.

We've recognised this artist's passion and active approach when it comes to sharing his sounds. With a big year for signing label DJs we feel that this latest affiliation has aligned at the perfect time for our combined evolution with new opportunities that are soon to surface from the horizon.

Supporting a showcase of heavy hitters in the industry such as Tetrameth, Hollowglyph, Ambler, Medjula, Eartheogen, Draztec and a host of many other industry legends.

Sharmonic encourages listeners to let go and embark on a mystical escapade that will allow you to Find Light in the Darkness.

With the arrival of his first featuring set ' Digital Reality' he's selected 9 of his favorite tracks to compile an all exclusive UTR set that will keep you on your toes and leave you itching a return to the bush.

Track List:

1. Lumen - Windfall (Medjula Remix)

2. Kuni - Blackwater (Original Mix)

3. Digital Swamp - Dimensional Displacement (Original Mix)

4. Digital Swamp - And Another Thing (Original Mix)

5. Digital Swamp - Cognitive Dissonance

6. Digital Swamp - Roots

7. Amuzing The Freak - Horns Of The Apocalypse

8. Uranium Mind - Plutonic

9. Digital Swamp - Armadillo Voucher

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