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Welcome Tairam

Updated: Feb 19

Newly launched project 'Tairam' joins UTR as the latest Melbourne DJ.

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After landing in Melbourne from 2008 Maria was inspired by a thriving scene and dived into the community by networking with a number of established artists through attending events and exploring the sounds that surrounded her. With certain elements and genres that stood out and formed the building blocks to construct her project ‘Tairam’ which was signed and launched alongside Universal Tribe Records.

Having access to a catalogue filled with deep progressive and bush prog sounds compliments her ability to curate groovy and energetic playlists, keeping the element of surprise always at her fingertips. After knowing Maria for some time we're incredibly pleased to welcome her into the family as a representing DJ right here in our home town of Melbourne. Surfacing fresh talent has always been a focus of ours and we're happy to be teaming up and giving this exciting new project some extra support to establish the name and see her passion shine through.

Trap in Darkness features 12 carefully selected tracks that give you an idea of what you can expect to hear from the newly launched project. Turn it up and keep an ear out for announcements soon to come.


01. Interpulse - Gaia

02. Tekdiffeye - Dream state

03. Hypnotic Peafowl, Scionaugh - Memorically

04. Pspiralife, Tekdifeye - Noir (Zenon Records)

05. Niche & Audiospazm - N.N

06. Slytrance & Onionbrain - Overthought (Digital Swamp remix)

07. Scionaugh - Constantly Curious

08. Modlion - Ecstatic Life

09. Pspiralife & Klipsun - Musical (Zenon Records)

10. Kuni - Black water

11. Pspiralife - Darkness Feels good (Tekdiffeye remix)

12. Digital Swamp - And Another Thing

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